Neapolitan CloudzZz // 西崎 _ Okami Ghosthack [ Prod. Bolo Yeung ]

by Okami Ghosthack

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I pit ragtag roofing contractors against eachother
in Battle Royale - with cheese ! 108 feet
above Asakusa, joustin' with vintage
Basashi Ice vending machines, somewhere in between-
the werewolf butlers and gun-toting schoolgirlz
underworld ninja shenanigans, two black rabbit underlings
YOU'RE not permitted to wander in this dream
"Geewhiz Gii, fetch me tea with Devonshire cream"
sworn enemies'll meet again in narrow streets merrily
skeletons, survival pods, moose tracks, and cherry trees
the larger horses skull is the smaller horses chamfron
alchemy from a windowless mansion, Weathertop
Himeji Castle Gravity Wells, my shinigami repel
down bottomless pits, Hellfire instruments
Lin Kuei Cyber Initiatives.. spark it, a market
in geosynchronous orbit.. heartless-
organ harvesters stickin' zZzombies for the green-
chakra, "Scram! If I can't have it no one can!"

and the Nabeshima Vampire
Cat that jumps is not the same cat that lands
Mercury-vapor lamps, Xenon arc lamps, Ya Sang white
honey osmanthus, the smoking gun of Joe Chill
displayed in plexiglass harpsichord case
Cape Irizaki Zebra Cakez.. Ku Klux Klownz and
Pantomiming Black Pantherz.. I eject shells
the size of Siberian Omsk bears, self stabilizing
helicopters with midrange sniper rifle software
polychromatic oriental rugz rolled tightly
inside a Knight Sabers Blow Pop- mystery flavour
Yukinko Candyshop, superposition Baku-san zarabanda
all that roofhoppin' and no panty shots ?!
monks mixin' marblecake dominos in Honda Headquarterz
stop the presses, Ghosthack pop pesky reporterz...
Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath, Tim
Burton-esque treetopz, kaiju chomp Visigoths
xylography, city planning, and costume design
You can't sleep now clown, there's enemies nearby
Take Aim at the Police Van, A Colt is my Passport
Capone Cries A Lot, hors d'oeuvres were Wurzelstock
Knightz of Order die off-panel, when I ramble
the sky was television tuned to a dead channel

Yokai Yogurt Danimalz, Oh my !
... the cell changes .. somewhere in Mawlamyine
two fishermen quarrel in small print for twelve pages
... the spell changes .. somewhere in London
two noblewomen flirt in large print ..

all the townsfolk were stone with pixelated thought bubblez
sessho-seki emoji XD.. they brought trouble
chewing Indonesian waterparks like Bubblegum Crisis
muzzling T'ai Djin ? Try it !
07 Ghost Zaiphon, Evil Czech Voodoo Vanilla Rye
bind you inside a chinchillas eye
chiaroscuro daguerreotypes sucked-in canvas
some neapolitan ice cream truck phantoms
you're caught on the Wrong Planet at the Wrong Timezone
clone, mai twenty eighty-five hypercubism convert
sniper A.I.'s to Buddhism, burial kimonoz
with Spawn cape physicz tangle constellationz up
every day you carry a casket throughout the village
every night I blast you to remnants and place you in it
Yin and Yang-Mills Theory, imperial cultist
with an earpiece, Dongzhi solstice Zos-Kia Cultus
focused Goshawk zonin', Saibot free-fall gymnastics
in Swiss orbital spas .. Free foar roninz


released July 19, 2017
Produced by Bolo Yeung



all rights reserved


Δnübis Dōhji Taito, Japan

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